QOR5 is a Go library to build web applications. We aim to accelerate the development speed and make the website highly customizable.

  • It prefers writing HTML in static typing Go language, rather than a certain type of template language, Not even go template.
  • It try to minify the needs to write any JavaScript/Typescript for building interactive web applications
  • It maximize the reusability of Components. since it uses Go to write components, You can abstract component very easy, and use component from a third party Go package is also like using normal Go packages.

How is this document organized

Most of latter examples are based on the initial sample project. In another word, we will demonstrate how to build a rich functioned website by this document.

  • First, we will start with a quick sample project that would give you a rough but visual idea of what QOR5 can do.
  • Second, we will introduce the basic functions, The sequence is from listing page to editing page. You can find all commonly used Admin website features in this section.
  • Third, we will introduce the essentials of QOR5 and advanced functions, You would understand how QOR5 render a page and advanced features like "how to partially refresh a page".
  • At last, the digging deeper part, you would learn how to create new component for QOR5

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